Mother Nature Created It!

When 7 days a week aren't enough, take an EXTRA day and JuVn8!

ju ve nate (verb) ...  to refresh your taste buds by drinking a delicious serving of JuVn8 ... a southern-grown and southern-bottled muscadine grape smoothie!

We Unleashed It!

What are JuVn8 smoothies?

Muscadine Grapes are native to the South and we use these delicious grapes to make our smoothies.  However, the skins and the seed of the muscadine grape contain nutrients that most of us never consume.  Here at Muscadine Time, we've changed all that by blending the whole muscadine grape (pulp, seed and skin) and 100% whole strawberries or blueberries into a delicious, nutritious drink for the whole family to enjoy.

Our very first shipment of JuVn8.  Loaded on the truck and ready to go to Food Lion.